Summer 2022


For us at the Hotel Metropol, the health of our guests has always been our top priority, and now even more.

We have therefore adopted all the rules and health protocols imposed by the government to make your holiday safe and relaxing 🙂

1. Cancellation policies

The cancellation policy is the same you already know, which has distinguished us for over half a century:

• No deposit required at the time of booking

• Total possibility of cancellation always and in any case and without problems

2. General aspects

Inside the hotel, if interpersonal distance cannot be guaranteed, the use of a mask will be required.

In all common areas there will be dispensers of disinfectant gel to sanitize hands and signage.

To avoid gatherings at the reception, you will be asked to send all the information necessary for registration before arrival to speed up the check-in procedures.

The cleaning and sanitization of the common areas will be carried out, as usual, several times a day.

3. Room cleaning

The staff responsible for cleaning and disinfecting the rooms will be adequately trained and equipped with personal protective equipment.

The rooms will be cleaned with specific detergents and disinfectants, the cleaning material will be treated with a disinfectant solution and replaced after cleaning each room.

Upon departure, the room, after being cleaned and disinfected, will be sanitized with the use of a hydrogen peroxide atomizing machine (hydrogen peroxide).

Hydrogen peroxide is atomized in the environment, increasing the contact surface that amplifies the disinfection action ensuring optimal microbial abatement.

This treatment does not generate the formation of volatile organic compounds and its degradation is rapid but highly efficient against viruses and bacteria.

If for greater security, you would prefer to avoid the daily rearrangement of the room, just communicate it at check-in.

You will be given a daily cleaning kit and, on request, a change of sheets as required by the house habits.

The disinfection and sanitization of all sheets will be guaranteed by washing cycles that use special disinfectant detergents.

4. Restaurant room

As always it will be possible to choose between full board, half board and B&B.

All staff who come into contact with food will use gloves and a mask during each stage of the processing of the dishes. The dining room staff will wear a mask and frequently disinfect their hands with the disinfectant gel.

Before entering the restaurant, it will be compulsory to disinfect your hands and wear a mask, which can be removed once seated at the table.

The entire dining room (including tables, chairs and curtains) will be sanitized after each meal with specific detergents and the interpersonal distance required by the regional protocol will always be guaranteed.

Breakfast will be served in the restaurant with the usual flexible hours as the legislation does not allow us to use our panoramic room due to its configuration.

Although it is not possible to set up a self-service buffet, we will continue to offer you the same variety of products. You will find an a menu with a wide choice of sweet and savory dishes.

Everything you want will be served by our dining room staff directly to your table.

For lunch and dinner, you will always find a menu of your choice and there is good news: it will be possible, on request, to have lunch directly on the beach, at Bagno Gianluca (our partner beach) which will offer you a dedicated menu daily!

And to overcome the lack of the appetizer buffet, we have nevertheless thought of a great way to make you taste various types of appetizers that will be served directly at the table.

Don’t worry, this year too the kitchen will be our strong point and we will always devote the utmost attention to it 😉

You will find the quality that has distinguished us for over 50 years, with an even more attentive and refined service.

5. Bar

Table service will also be recommended for drinks from the hotel bar.

However, it will also be possible to consume at the counter, respecting the interpersonal safety distance.

6. Families with children

All the attentions and services that we have always reserved for our youngest guests are guaranteed both in the restaurant and in the room 🙂

In the games room we will limit the games present and a maximum number of children will be indicated within the area. Children will be entrusted to the supervision of a parent for compliance with the indications in force.

7. Other Hotel Services

We do not want to give up traditional moments of conviviality, it will always be possible to relax on our panoramic terrace.

The bicycle service remains active and free. Please limit the use of bicycles to circumstances of real need. Upon delivery, a bicycle self-cleaning and sanitizing kit will be released.

8. Beach

As for the beach, our lifeguards have spaced the umbrellas according to government directives. It is mandatory to use the mask when you are not at your umbrella and when social distancing cannot be guaranteed.

All beach equipment (including sunbeds, deck chairs and chairs) will be disinfected every day and in any case after each customer change. Public showers and toilets will be cleaned and sanitized several times a day.

Access to the sea is possible without the use of a mask, provided that the interpersonal distance is respected.

The children’s areas will be delimited and the maximum number of children present within the area will be indicated. Children will be entrusted to the supervision of a parent for compliance with the rules of social distancing.

Group sports, group animation and tournaments are currently prohibited. On the other hand, individual games or games in which it is possible to maintain interpersonal distance are allowed.

We are waiting for you!

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